Whilst CHATGPT, OpenAI’s text-based tool, gains traction artificial intelligence has become the early stand-out theme for 2023. This has stemmed in to Crypto too, with a huge focus being placed on AI related assets and blockchains.

In this post, the Crypto Chiefs will take a closer look at the current top AI focussed coins, by market cap, as of February 2023.

  1. The Graph – $GRT

The Graph is used to query data for networks such as Ethereum and IPFS, and powers many application with DeFi and the wider Web3 ecosystem. Anyone is able to build open APIs, which applications can use to retrieve blockchain data.

% Gain 2023 to date: +135%

2. SingularityNET – $AGIX

SingularityNET is a platform which enables anybody to “create, share, and monetize” AI products through the globally accessible marketplace. It is the team behind SingularityNET who led the development of the robot called Sophia, which is regarded as the worlds most expressive robot to date.

% Gain 2023 to date: +880%

3. Fetch.ai – $FET

Fetch.ai offers an artificial intelligence lab which builds an open and decentralized machine learning network. Their model is focussed on improving DeFi trading services, travel as well as smart energy systems.

% Gain 2023 to date: +392%

4. Ocean Protocol – $OCEAN

Ocean Protocol is a blockchain ecosystem where both individuals and businesses can realise the value of their data, and monetize it with the use of ERC datatokens. Ocean Protocol makes it possible to access data that would have been previously unavailable.

% Gain 2023 to date: 175%

5. iExec RLC – $RLC

iExec RLC is the leader when it comes to blockchain focussed decentralized computing. Their technology makes it possible to have on demand access to cloud computing and is compatible with applications in healthcare, technology as well as fintech.

% Gain 2023 to date: 75%